The Catholic Imagination

Course Calendar

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Book List

Students are expect to obtain the following 3 books:

The following books are loaned to the students during the semester, but students may purchase their own copy to mark up for future reference:

  • Benson. The Lord of the World.

  • Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales. trans. Coghill. Penguin. 978-0140424386 (amazon)

  • Shakespeare. Hamlet. Folger. 978-0743477123 (amazon)

  • Shakespeare. King Lear. Folger. 978-0743482769 (amazon)

  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Patience, Pearl. trans. Borroff. 978-0393976588 (amazon)

Poetry for Memorization

Additional Course Materials

Dramatis Personae to the Song of Roland