The St. Lawrence Institute for Faith and Culture is pleased to partner with Donnelly College and Benedictine College to offer courses for college credit at the St. Lawrence Center. Courses rotate each semester and seek to awaken students’ wonder, give them a reason for their hope (1 Pet 3:15), and prepare them for their vocation. The courses are also the key components of the IFC Certificate. Tuition and fees are $600 for a three credit course. Scholarships available.


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Fall 2019

Who is God? How do we know Him? An Introduction to Theology

Dr. Murray

3 credit hours. Monday/Wednesday, 3:30-4:50pm. @ SLC Conference Room. Dr. Murray

This course studies core Catholic teachings considered within a biblical context and with a special concern for the relationship between faith and reason. In addition, it also studies the sources and principles that have guided the practice of the faith throughout the centuries and serves the needs of those who seek more extensive theological knowledge of their faith, as well as those who are not of the Catholic faith but desire more understanding. Accredited through Donnelly College (RS 135: Survey of Catholic Belief), it transfers to KU as REL H: 3 Credits.

Who am I? A Great Books study of the Human Person

Prof. Kirk

3 credit hours. Tue/Thur, 9-10:20am. @SLC Conference Room.

This course will employ a great books approach to studying the topic of personhood. Accredited through Benedictine College (as advanced college credit- GNST 2980), it transfers to KU as 3 general humanities credits (LA&S H).

(Title and description subject to change. Check back later for more details!)



General Ethics

3 credit hours.

This course studies key ethical theories and philosophers throughout history, focusing on their views of moral action and moral character. Students will learn how to analyze and apply different theories to current ethical issues. Special attention will be paid to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. Prerequisite: ENGL 102: Critical Reading and Writing. This course is accredited through Donnelly College (PH 213 General Ethics) and transfers to KU as PHIL 160: Introduction to Ethics. It fulfills KU Core Goals: AE51, GE11, GE3H.

New Testament Literature

1 credit hours

This is a survey course on the New Testament that combines the latest historical and literary studies of the New Testament with a “canonical” approach that draws on the teaching and traditions of Christian community from which these writings came forth. Since the Church believes that God has inspired human authors to write within their own historical context, the course will have a twofold goal: to introduce students to a scientific method of interpretation that respects the text’s historical and literary aspects, while also respecting its claim of divine inspiration and its central role in the Christian faith. Accredited through Donnelly College (EN 145 New Testament Biblical Literature, 1 Credit), it transfers to KU as REL HR- 1 Credit. Prerequisite: EN 111

The Western Canon

3 credit hours

Throughout history, and especially in the west, human beings have been inspired by examples and stories of brave men and women who have sought greatness amid the trials and difficulties of life. This course examines some of the most famous stories of Western Civilization and discusses their impact and relevance for contemporary culture.  Beginning with the Greeks, it finds the first spark of magnanimity glowing between Achilles and Priam on a still and mournful night. From there, it examines Oedipus, Aeneas, and the development of the hero to the self-sacrificing champion of the polity. With Roland, students will see the difficult birth of the Christian hero which culminates in Sir Gawain's battle with temptation. Then, with Don Quixote and Hamlet, they explore the problem of authentic heroism in a world after the decline of Christendom. Accredited through Benedictine College as advanced college credit (GNST 2980), it transfers to KU as 3 general humanities credits (LA&S H).




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