August Institute Newsletter

How quickly the summer has slipped by us! At the St. Lawrence Institute for Faith and Culture we are eagerly preparing for the arrival of students back to Lawrence.

On August 11th, our largest group yet will head out to Coloradowith Fr. Mitchel and the Institute faculty and staff. Among hiking and other adventures, they will also be reading and discussing Fr. Romano Guardini's Letters from Lake Como.

Faculty and staff of the University of Kansas are invited to a wine and cheese social on Thursday, August 16th from 4:30pm to 6pm at the Rectory (1631 Crescent Road). It will be a chance for us to gather socially, discuss ways in which St. Lawrence can further their mission, and discuss plans for the upcoming academic year.

And, of course, as the semester at KU begins we look forward to another set of for-credit courses and free seminars for student. We have two for-credit courses, one on The Catholic Imagination and another on Sacred Scripture. For course details and registration check out our page.