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The following list does not necessarily reflect the official views of the St. Lawrence Institute for Faith and Culture. We don't always listen to people with whom we agree on every point, and you probably shouldn't either. But here is a semi-organized list of podcasts that either explore the truths of the Catholic faith or speak to the Catholic life.

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Lawrence Talks

Join Dr. Murray of the St. Lawrence Institute for Faith and Culture as he discusses issues related to faith and secular culture with two other academics at KU, David Tamez and Michael Otteson.


Clerically speaking

A priest from Canada and a priest from Pennsylvania who basically own Catholic twitter decided to start a podcast. Hilarious and insightful.

The word on fire show

Bishop Barron along with the Word on Fire team explore both contemporary issues of the faith and eternal questions about Christianity. A must listen.

Pints with AQUINAS

Hosted by Catholic writer and speaker, Matt Fradd this is perhaps the most popular Catholic podcast among Institute students. 

The after dinner scholar

Each week various faculty of Wyoming Catholic College are interviewed in their areas of expertise. Each episode is around 20 minutes long so it's a great way to gain a broad interest in the Catholic intellectual tradition.


Catching foxes

Hosted by two former Steubenville students, it strikes a good balance between humorous and serious topics. Less a "Catholic" podcast than a podcast by Catholics.  [*some explicit language at times]


Catholic Stuff you should know

Right there with Pints with Aquinas on the typical "Most Popular" Catholic podcast category. A nice variety in hosts and content.