In addition to courses for college credit, the Institute for Faith and Culture also hosts free one hour seminars during the week for students seeking to learn more about their faith. Although they are designed for college students, they are open to the public and are accessible to people of all backgrounds and faiths.



Living in God’s Family: Why the Church? Why Sacraments?

SUNDAYS @ 6:45 PM. w/Dr. Murray. SLC 201/2

Drawing on the second part of the Catechism, this seminar will be an interactive discussion on the Church and the sacraments. In addition to discussion and Q&A, students will watch and discuss short videos from Bishop Barron’s video series “Catholicism 101” and “The Mass.” Segments of Dr. Hahn’s series “The Bible and the Sacraments” will also be discussed.

Church History 2: From the Reformation to Pope Francis

MONDAYS @ 7:30 PM.w/dr. murray. SLC Conference Room

This seminar will review the key figures and events of Church History, starting with the Reformation and ending with Pope Francis and current controversies and scandals affecting the Church. Come learn more about the Protestant Revolution, Jansenism Modernism, Vatican I & II, John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis.

The Glory of the Lord: An Introduction to Sacred Art & Music

WEDNESDAYS @ 4 PM. w/dr. brian nelson & michael mill.s SLc Conference room.

This seminar will explore the history and development of Catholic worship and the Mass from its Old Testament roots to the modern day through the lens of musical and artistic masterpieces. See how Catholics of every age lived and practiced their Faith and how that has shaped our experience today.

FALL 2018



w/ Alex Keith in 201/202

Every Sunday night you'll find us diving into different aspects of the Catholic faith, life, and what it means to be a college student today. Expect an informal vibe with a talk, engaging questions, and a short discussion.


Wednesdays @ 4pm

w/ Dr. Luke Murray at the Rectory

What are the ways in which we can discover the truths of God from the world around us? Discover the history and explore the thought behind natural theology. 



w/ Anastasia Pine in 101

Discover the importance of women in the history of Catholicism. Read female saints and thinkers on real issues.

About Institute Seminars

All seminars hosted by the St. Lawrence Institute for Faith and Culture are free and open to the public. People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to attend seminars. While there are no prerequisites and each seminar can stand on its own, students involved in seminars are invited to explore completion of our Catholic Studies Certificate.