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From college credit classes to free seminars, and sponsored lecture series, we bring all kinds of opportunities for students and friends of the University of Kansas to explore the intersections of faith and culture in today's world.



The Institute hosts a number of on-campus talks in collaboration with various partners. Come explore the intersection of faith, culture, and the modern university.

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Upcoming Experiences


August 7-11, 2019


Hiking, Biking, Prayer, Friends. Before the semester begins, take some time to find God and yourself at 14,000 feet.


Through its library, journal, and original content the Institute for Faith and Culture equips students and friends of the University of Kansas with the resources necessary for integrating their intellectual experiences at the modern university with their faith.


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If you are a student at KU and looking to get connected to any of the programs or activities offered by the Institute for Faith and Culture, drop us a line.