IFC Certificate


What are the Requirements?

Catholic Studies Core:

  1. The Catholic Imagination (3 Credit hours)

  2. Introduction to Theology (3 Credit hours)


  1. Theology Seminar (1 hour)

  2. Theology Seminar (1 hour)

  3. Theology Seminar (1 hour)


  1. Great Books Seminar (1 hour)

  2. Great Books Seminar (1 hour)

  3. Great Books Seminar (1 hour)


  1. 3 (one hour) seminars OR 1 (three credit) course


  1. Final Paper OR Capstone Seminar

What is it?

The IFC Certificate signifies that a student has completed the program of studies at the St. Lawrence Institute for Faith and Culture. The Certificate is designed with a busy undergraduate’s schedule in mind, as students can take either for-credit courses or free one hour seminars to complete it.

How long will it take to complete?

The program can be completed in 4 semesters if desired, but the pace of completion is open to the student’s preference and availability.

Do I have to take the classes in a particular order?

Not particularly, though we do recommend starting with the Catholic Studies Core courses in your first two semesters in the program.

Will I have time with my KU classes?

Only two for-credit courses are required to earn the certificate (The Catholic Imagination & Intro to Theology). The other requirements can be fulfilled EITHER by for-credit courses OR free one hour seminars.